Frequently Asked Questions

How can I rent your watercrafts?

Give us a call for reservations and to check availability.
You will need a major credit card and a matching driver's license from the person renting. A refundable damage deposit is required for all rentals. Person renting is responsible for any damage to watercraft.
Full payment is required prior to check out time. Refund will be credited back after watercraft is inspected. A $150 dollar cancellation fee for same day cancellations.$50 dollar cancellation fee for 24 hrs or more. In this business time is money and your slot is saved and could have been used by someone else.

Do I need to bring anything with for the watercraft rentals?

We provide life jackets. Life jackets are required to be worn at all times on watercraft. Other than that, bring some sun screen and sunglasses.

Do I need to go over anything before hitting the water

Some key points to remember:

- Give yourself ample time to slow down and stop, there are no brakes on the watercraft.
- Never follow directly behind another watercraft, side by side is safer.
- Don't "Wally" up the lake and try jumping other boats wakes, its annoying and unsafe for all parties.
- The jet skis will not turn without a little bit of throttle as they have jet propulsion.
- If you are a newbie, we recommend going to a remote area initially, without traffic, and get used to how the ski handles. It doesn't take long to get the feel of them.

How can I make sure I keep my damage deposit?

If you are going to beach the skis make sure it is a sandy or clay bottom. Rocky bottoms will for sure damage the fiberglass. We will show you proper places to beach them. The boat docks are somewhat of a hazard as they are metal and the skis sit lower in the water so they rub the metal if you pull up to them. Exercise caution in these areas or avoid docks if you can. If you need gas, the gas dock at Eagle Point Marina is a jet ski friendly place to pull up as they have plastic guards all the way around the dock.
You should be in knee deep or approximately 2 ft of water to take off on the skis as the impeller is on the bottom of the skis and will suck up debris into the motor and do damage if to shallow.

What's the Weather Forecast this week in Lewisville?

Any recommendations on where I should go Jet Sking on the Lake?

There are a ton of great spots to go Jet Sking on Lake Lewisville. Check out the map below for some of our favorite spots. (You can click on the blue markers to view our notes and recommendations)

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